Fall                      Newsletter                 2019   

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People who have disabilities or medical issues deal with what others 

would consider to be emergencies on a regular basis. 

Long ago, I was sitting, relaxing with a friend when she suddenly 

screamed out a blood curdling cry of anguish and fear. Her son 

had tripped into a bit of water. To her, this was a crisis. Was her son ok, 

was he scared, was he hurt, he's now wet and needs to go change, 

we need to change what we're doing....

on and on went the list of, for her, very real fears and concerns.

Then there's me and my world, a world filled with disability and medical issues. For me going on yet another ride in the ambulance to the ER rates as annoying and tiresome.  I don't know that I've yelled out from a sense of concern, fear or anguish in decades. 

Within this newsletter you will read about emergencies of all kinds, from the personal to the global. Local and statewide organizations share articles and information, and individuals at IC share some of their stories, as well. A comprehensive article on personal planning for individuals with disabilities rounds out the Partners and Friends section.


Donating to IC can be easy, stress free and satisfying. All money going to IC stays at IC. 

We have no paid staff, but we do have bills we need to pay. 

Donations of all sizes are appreciated!

Why donate? 

We, at IC, are not people of exorbitant means, but we feel very strongly about the mission of the Inclusion Center. When it comes time to make a donation, IC is the organization we choose to support.

Why? Because the programs and activities Inclusion Center provides are entirely focused on what participants find most fulfilling. The activities are FUN for everyone. You may find people in one space doing puzzles, while others are playing scrabble, and others are having deeply profound conversations. 

The Improv classes are beloved. Led by a professional comedian, they are simply hilarious.  People of all abilities laughing, working together and creating scenes of every imaginable type.  Where else but Inclusion Center could you imagine such antics?

All of this is chosen and driven by the people who come to Inclusion Center.

Programs like these deserve to be funded and supported. The Center means so many things to so many people. We are proud to know donations stay local, have direct client impact, and provide opportunities for laughter and joy to all who come.

Won't you join us and lend your support? Whatever you give will go directly to enhancing the experiences of our many participants. Give joy! Give laughter! Give companionship! Give now!


Inclusion Center has our own

t shirts, bags and hats

Donations of $10 will get you a t-shirt with our beautiful logo.

Donations of $12 will get you a hat or bag!

Pay through cash, check or pay pal. If you would like us to mail you a t shirt or hat (or both!) add $2.00 per item. 

 All money from the donations for our 

t-shirts, bags, and hats goes directly to

programs of  

 Inclusion Center, Inc, a 501c3. 


Signing up for AmazonSmile is a huge help for Inclusion Center. For each purchase you make, Amazon sends us a donation. You pay nothing extra at all but simply by naming our program Amazon sends us money!

Amazon Smile and Inclusion Center

Amazon smile program was pretty easy to sign up for-here's how:

1. Google search Amazon Smile- go to

2. sign in to your Amazon account from the Amazon Smile homepage

3. A charity will automatically be featured, but in small blue lettering it says "select a different charity" click on that

4. Type in Inclusion Center Inc  and hit the search button

5. Several come up so be sure to select Inclusion Center Inc. Putney VT

That's it!  You do have to always start shopping from in order for the donation to come to us.  It's the same Amazon you're just entering from a different homepage.


Why do I donate what I can to Inclusion Center?

The program is all volunteer. 

The activities are amazing. 

People attending become family.

The money stays local.

People learn at IC.

People laugh there.

People feel deeply accepted.

IC is an unusual place and we're so fortunate to have it right here!

Where would we be without IC?

Inclusion Center does not happen out of thin air. 

We are in need of a few new board members who can give 

two hours a month to the behind the scenes work 

of this unique, very active, non-profit. 

Inclusion Center is so successful because we have a 

dedicated team of kind, generous and fun individuals, 

each with their own unique skills and talents 

who are active in Work Groups and the board. 

Without these people we could not continue providing such inclusive, 

fun and stimulating activities and friendships. 

 If you have an interest in helping IC, but don't feel you have skills to offer, 

please contact us anyway. Let's talk and see how we can work together. 

Interested in learning more? Please email us at [email protected]

Inclusion Center

 is a drop-in, 

activity center by and for 

all people with disabilities, medical concerns and interested community members.  

At Inclusion Center we decide what activities to pursue and then we make it all happen- while also working together to make each activity accessible for all.



Inclusion Center is located at 16 Bradley Ave., Brattleboro 

(lower level St. Michael's Episcopal Church*).


Monday 9:00 to 2:00.  Friday: 9:00 to 3:00

*Inclusion Center is not an affiliated program.

Programs of 

Inclusion Center

Meet and Greet: 

New participants and interested community members come to see what Inclusion Center is all about on 

the First Week of each month (1l:00 to 2:00)

Drop-in Activity Sessions: 

Monday 9:00 to 2:00.  

Friday: 9:00 to 3:00.

Face to Face: 


A teaching program for those interested in learning about Disability.

Buddy Program:  

We set you up with a Buddy to have coming to Inclusion Center more comfortable for you.

Work Group: 

We discuss advocacy, new programs, and all things related to Inclusion Center.

Paul and Grace 

during Improv. 

               Dan and Gail, 
           also during Improv.

Inclusion Center cloth bags